2015 Gecko 133L

The New Gecko family, 2015.


We say good by to the Sharks for 2015 and welcome the Gecko 156L, 146L, 133L and 120L. New shapes and lengths. I will be using the Gecko 133L as the model for comparison, as I find this the most interesting size. It is for the higher level intermediates but also for high level light wind and fun.

Where does the 133L fit?

It is 246cm in length, 78cm wide and 133L volume. The Shark 135 is 245cm long so about the same length but 73cm wide, so narrower. The shark 150 is 250cm long, a bit longer but 78cm wide, so the same width.


The 133L is more like the 150L shark



And the 120L is more like the 135L Shark.


Interesting! Is the stability in the width or the length?


The 2014 Gecko 135 is 239cm in length and 83cm wide. Which is the same width as the Shark 165 which is 255cm long, so much shorter.


I found the 2014 Gecko a great board to step down from the 165L Shark but when people had problems with the fore and aft stability, they had to spend time on the 150L shark. So the added length of the 133L Gecko will help a lot.

Now on to how the board sails.

I like to have inboard straps on boards of this volume as I spend a lot of time working on teaching techniques and playing around. Using the inboard straps, it is important to place a slightly smaller fin. The volume distribution is great for learning to be in the straps in very light wind learning freestyle rig movements.  Once in light wind planing conditions the 133L has a nice smooth transition from non planing to planing, much easier than the 135L as it is slightly longer, giving people more time to get into the straps. With the 135L you needed to get your front foot in the strap to get the board to release. Due to it’s ease of use, it can replace the 150L Shark but only when true volume is not important.

Bump and jump mode, middle strap position. Well the positioning could not be better, the progression between the inboard straps is perfect to equal the natural improvements. For the more advanced sailors, well this just becomes PLUG and PLAY. Place the stock fin and ride, remember this is a Gecko so you do not need to use such big sails. Even making the board a bit longer has not effected the carve-ability of this board but improved the air time, we are not rotating normally with this board. (only with my forward loop lessons)

Out board straps, a bit of slalom sailing. You do not need a bigger fin but a stiffer one. I mentioned that smooth transition into planing, you really notice it here. Ok the top end speed is not there BUT the gybe is so easy it increases your average speed. Give me a tight gybing course, I think I would use this board with a none cam sail. This board is perfect for slalom training.

So all that is left is to give you photos of me on the board. Well this time I don’t think you need them. (Maybe when I have them they will be up)

With the new Gecko family you can not say it replaces the Sharks as the volumes are so different. Fanatic have come up with a new concept for the progression from the Viper. Ease of use with a lot of FUN………… For all levels.

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