Multiple rotations in the air.

In this section I am going to look at various jumps where you do more than one rotation in the air.


I am starting with the Pasko.

The Pasko is a double upwind air rotation which started as a double air Flaka. Everyone developed there own styles, so the name Pasko has become a general name for this move.

One of the early developments was the second rotation becoming a Shaka. So it is an air Flaka Shaka.

Next up was when you get hight off a wave the first rotation can become more like a Ponch, so Ponch Flaka or Ponch Shaka.

Here Antony Ruenes finds hight off the wave and you can see that he still has hight after the second rotation so there is a possibility to go into a third rotation. In this sequence he did not realise he had the hight but now it is in his mind.

Pasko 360s are already being done so it is time to take it into the air.

The triple forward Loop has still not been captured on camera, so which move will become the first triple rotation in the air?

Last week we saw the attempt at a triple push loop.

So lets have a look at individual shots from Antony.


He starts off with an air flaka.


Going very vertical with the board.


so when he comes out he can keep the rig down to turn the second rotation into a shaka which helps to give you float.


Here you can see he still has so much hight, the options for the third rotation are many.


At this hight the third rotation obviously would be a flaka, so in truth would be  2 and a half air rotations but 3 rotations. Just like what happens with a flat water air flaka shaka Pasco.

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