Flat water SUP exercises for the waves.


Here are some things you can do when you are paddling flat water, to practice for the waves.



The first stage of the pivot turn is the same as the exercise for the Cut back.


1.) When you place the blade in the water, have all your weight on the front foot.


2.) As you bring the blade back, take it away from the board, transferring your weight onto the back foot.


3.) As you bring the blade into the back of the board, it will drag the tail down. You will have to adjust your weight more onto the front foot. Balancing the amount you want the board to sink. The more it sinks, the snappier the turn.


4.) Try to bring the blade right round to 90º to the board. Your weight now is completely on your front foot.


5&6.) When you return around to do another stroke, it is a good idea to keep the blade near or just in the water. So you can do a support stroke if you loose your balance.


With the Cut Back exercise, the first thing you will notice is that the blade has been reversed. This has to become second nature, as in surf you have no time to think.


You must immediately start to move the blade back around the tail of the board, placing a lot of pressure on it.


Now onto the switch draw turn. Any of you that paddle or surf with me, will know I use this paddle stroke a lot. I love the feeling of it but you must be careful to not over stretch, as it can put a lot of strain on your back and shoulders.


When placing the blade into the water, make sure it goes in with no pressure. So it must be facing in exactly in the direction you are going. The blade is placed in the water near your feet.


You then start to move it forward, opening the blade, creating pressure.


The blade will feel as if you are pulling it across the front of the board, but in fact it is the tail sliding round and the nose passing the blade. Keep full pressure in the blade.


If you are using it as a turn, your body orientation continues to face forwards. If it is a 360º, you will be facing the back.

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