Fanatic Free Wave, Quad and Tri Wave 2015 (The Three Musketeers)

Having spent a year on my Free Wave 86L Textreme I have to say I love this board and I am still learning new possibilities.


So now a look at whats on offer for 2015.


They all have new cloths, didn’t like the graphic on the catalogue but in real life…………… well they are Ok. In fact, I am getting to like them. There are no changes in shape so this report is on feed back from clients and getting back on the boards to test them again.


The first thing I have to say is everyone thought that all of the boards are great. So my job is a little bit easier. Our spot does suit the Free Wave more. Especially when I say you are a lazy sailor, hook in, wait for the gust, in the straps and go.


Tri Wave:- This board is awesome when you have power or on a wave. It is very responsive to rail commands. In marginal conditions you have to work a bit, especially going up wind. You can correct this by using a lager single fin but you loose that bite of the try fin, especially in the top turn. The board is lively and fast. The board I am on is the 88L.


Quad:- I had forgotten how much I love this board. Hard work with the most amazing results. The more you push this board the better the results, very physical. This board is a ridding machine, tight tight turns with so much acceleration. Planning is not so easy when in marginal conditions but the balance is easy, dogging up wind is not a problem to catch your next wave. I am on the 82L.


Free Wave:- One board for all conditions, just don’t go to small. I can not say more. They are so easy to use you can stay with volume! I am on the 96L just a slightly bigger version of my 86L. I have to say the feel of the whole range is the same, FUN.


So what would my perfect quiver be?

Free Wave 86L

Quad 82L

Tri Wave 69L

A slight change from 2014 as I would stay with a higher volume Quad and go small on the Tri-Wave, liking that extra speed for when it is windy and big.


 A short video of the boards in action.

5 Responses to “Fanatic Free Wave, Quad and Tri Wave 2015 (The Three Musketeers)”

  1. Thanks for all your articles. I purchased a 2015 freewave 86 and I’m about your wait. I read the article on fin placement but was wondering where do you place your mast foot and straps. I’m using it on onshore waves waist to chest high. Thanks, for any help you can give me.

    • Hi Angel.

      Mast foot back and straps as far forwards as they will go is my setting.

      The manufacture starting place for foot straps is normally second whole from the front. I like my foot straps tight to the side of my feet so I can make them higher. So on the front foot strap, I have the inside whole in 1 and outside whole on 2. This also means my front foot is facing a little bit further forwards, which I like. I like my back foot on the leading edge of the center fin, so this means it is in the forward position. The distance between your straps is normally to do with your leg length. Having very short legs does not help me as I must sail a lot of the time with my back foot out of the strap, especially going upwind. The setting I use gives me a very wide stance for riding waves which gives you the style of Back foot-Front foot riding.

      Mast foot position, the manufactures position is middle but it also depends on where the center of effort is on your sail. So of cause this changes with size and style of sail and how you rig it. I use very small sails and rig them flat, so I need my mast foot as far back as I can get it. (Often I find that boxes do not go far enough back.) You should always try to sail with your rig as vertical as possible when using a wave sail.

      • I’m using north ice sails from 4.2 to 5.3 and using the mast track as far as possible so was worried that I’m was using to far back. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it.

  2. Hi, Thanks for the great articles and your site! It is great! I am thinking of getting a Fanatic Freewave 86. You mention to go on larger volume for this board? I am 72kg and will mainly use 5.3, 4.7 and now and then 4.2 and a 5.7. It will be my smallest board used for bumb and jump and continue to progress on smaller waves.

    How will cope with 5.7 or 4.2 you think? I usually find that the recommended sail sizes from the manufacture is not always true!

    Håkan – from Sweden, still wearing my 6-4 wetsuit!

    • Hi Haken.
      The sail sizes you are think of will work fine on the 86L. For me a 5.7 is maximum if you are struggling to get planing. Going bigger does not help as the weight of the rig affects the balance of the board. Fanatic recommend that the 4.2 is the smallest sail but that is more to do with the wind strength they think an average person will use a 4.2. My sail is a 3.7m and it works ok.

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